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Friends' Hospice is passionate about providing professional palliative care to our local community.

We offer specialist medical care and emotional support to patients and their families in a compassionate manner, aided by a strong commitment to the preservation of the right of every individual to die with dignity.

Friends’ Hospice offers individualised professional palliative care that is designed to manage adverse symptoms & promote levels of comfort. We are passionate about our patients being able to live meaningfully to the end of life & to be as free from pain as possible.

  • Our hospice provides professional palliative care for people in Paphos & the surrounding areas regardless of status, religion or ability to pay. We hope that those who can afford to will consider supporting us further by making a contribution towards care cost.
  • Patients are admitted with advanced cancer or other life-limiting conditions, for respite, symptom control, or terminal care. Friends’ Hospice is intended for short term palliative care and not for long term medical treatment.

Friends’ Hospice can accept patients for short term symptom control, respite care to give families a break for a predefined period, and also for end of life care.

How we work

Symptom Control

Some patients have pain and others symptoms (e.g. sickness), and a short stay at Friends’ Hospice gives Doctors a chance to find the right drugs and treatments to resolve these problems. 

Through skilled care from the whole team we hope to help you feel much better.

How we work

Respite Care

We offer FREE short-term or temporary care from a few days up to two weeks for patients with a life-limiting diagnosis to provide a much needed break or respite for regular caregivers.

How we work

End of Life Care

We have provided professional end-of-life care for the past 13 years. We are passionate about our patients having the best quality of life possible with as much support as is necessary to ensure their comfort & dignity.

Friends’ Hospice in Paphos is part of the International Hospice Movement and is an independent, non-denominational Hospice providing the services of a specialist palliative care team who give first class nursing care, relief of symptoms, and offer social, psychological, and spiritual support to the patient and family.

Hospice services are intended for the alleviation of symptoms where illness cannot be cured, not for medical treatment seeking to cure.

At all times we are here to support patients, families and friends.

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