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Our patients and their family are at the centre of all we do, they are the focus of our care, not the illness.

We give not only specialist care, but special care, offering guidance and support during difficult times.

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staying at friends'

Inpatient Care

The aim of Friends’ Hospice is to achieve a relaxed, homely environment as much as is possible. The staff are here to help and we want you to feel you can ask for any home comforts, or anything that will help you settle in with us as quickly and smoothly as possible.

When you arrive at Friends’ Hospice, you will be welcomed by the staff and shown to your room. A television and hi fi/cd player is available in all rooms and there is a comfy chair for relatives and friends.  A kitchen area is available for you and your family to use.

staying at friends'

Meals & Beverages

You will find water machines in various locations. Feel free to use these to make drinks at any time, we would appreciate a small donation from relatives for tea and coffee.

You are welcome to bring food into the Hospice and store it within the fridge in the kitchen but please ensure the name of the patient and date is recorded on it for health reasons. Fridges will be checked regularly and any out of date foods will be destroyed.

If you fancy something “special” to eat please discuss it with your nurse.

A short time before meal times you will be asked what if anything you would like to eat from the menu. For patients with swallowing difficulties we can offer soft foods prepared to enable you to swallow foods safely.

Meals are available for relatives staying with patients, however we do charge for these. Please see the nurse on duty to arrange this.

staying at friends'


We do not restrict visiting, except at the request of or in the best interest of the patient.

We normally ask visitors to leave by 9pm to help us to provide a quiet environment and respect patients’ privacy. Obviously there are some circumstances where visitors may want to stay after 9pm, this will be at the discretion of the nurse in charge.

While children are welcome to visit we would ask that they are accompanied by an adult at all times once in the Hospice and please bear in mind some of our patients are very poorly so they may be asked to leave if noise becomes a problem.

Provision can be made for relatives/friends to stay here at Friends’ Hospice, if the situation is appropriate. Please bear in mind provision is limited but we do have a single bed available for this purpose. Please discuss this with the Nursing Staff if you wish to stay.

staying at friends'

What To Bring

You will need to bring your own toiletries and nightwear.  If you feel well enough to get out of bed you may also wish to bring something comfortable to wear during the day.

You will also need to bring all of your current medication.

Please let us know if you feel you would like us to look after and manage your own medication when at Friends’ Hospice. We do have individual bedside cupboards available for your use.

If you are interested in doing this please let us know and the procedure will be explained to you.

Please do not bring any valuables or large amounts of money with you as we are unable to guarantee their safety.

staying at friends'


It is much appreciate if personal laundry can be done by a relative/friend, as we only have limited facilities.

If you wish us to launder any personal items then please make sure your name is clearly marked on it.

staying at friends'


On admission you will be asked for information about yourself so that we are able to give you proper care and treatment.

You will probably be receiving care from others as well as us, eg the Hospital, or your General Practitioner.

However, we all need to work together for your benefit and we may need to share information about you. You may be assured that we only ever pass on information if there is a genuine need for it and it is in your best interest.

Anyone caring for you, or receiving information about you, is under a legal duty to keep it confidential.

We will only share information with your family and friends and keep them up to date, with your express permission.

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